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Redefine Mental Health Practice

The Innovative Practitioner
Accelerator Program

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Dr. tina Vitolo

Welcome to The Innovative Practitioner Accelerator! I'm Tina, a passionate doctor of social work who's been practicing in the mental health field for nearly 20 years. I love helping unconventional therapists align with their soul purpose and embrace their holistic healing modalities in clinical practice. 

After years of trying to fit into a broken system, feeling burnt out and isolated, I decided to just build a new system.

I have created a blueprint for you to redefine your private practice within regulatory and ethical standards to reach financial personal and professional freedom without sacrificing your unique skills and passion. Find out more >

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My FREE Facebook group houses some of the most amazing, supportive, unconventional and innovative mental health therapists!


Free regular live trainings with me and guests.


Free clinical support groups.


Intergrate unconventional interventions.

What sort of therapist are you?

This one?
  • Concealing your distinctive therapeutic approach and unique interventions out of fear of professional repercussions.

  • Nervous about the possibility of losing your license because your innovative practices may not align with traditional therapeutic practices.

  • Struggling to articulate and explain your unique interventions within the clinical theoretical language expected by licensing boards and colleagues.

  • Shying away from promoting your distinct methods, fearing potential backlash or scrutiny from the professional community.

  • Isolated and frustrated because you can’t get assistance from licensing boards or colleagues.

  • Wrestling with imposter syndrome, doubting the legitimacy of your unconventional methods despite positive outcomes with clients.

  • You’ve put off establishing or growing your private practice for years, overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of where to begin.

  • Wonder if the constraints of traditional therapy are worth it and contemplating a shift.

  • Feeling completely lost on your next step.

  • Seamlessly integrating unconventional practices, confidently navigating the intersection of uniqueness and evidence-based frameworks.

  • Becoming an expert, not only in your unconventional therapeutic approach but also in articulating and aligning it with well-established clinical theoretical frameworks.

  • Surrounded by a community of supportive and innovative healers, where your uniqueness is not just accepted but celebrated.

  • Attracting and working with your ideal client who aligns perfectly with your unique therapeutic style.

  • No longer defending or justifying your unconventional, holistic, and spiritual methods as a mental health therapist.

  • Being compensated not just for your time but for the uniqueness and value you bring to your clients through your distinct therapeutic approach.

  • Having personal, professional, and financial freedom as you become the healer you've always meant to be.

  • Releasing the fear of losing your license, knowing that your unconventional practices are not only accepted but celebrated in the therapeutic community.

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Sound too good to be true?


The Innovative Practitioner Accelerator Program will help you redefine yourself as an innovative mental health practitioner. 

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